Monday, January 30, 2012

Keep Me In The Hen!

To me it seems as if most of us face life and where God wants us to go like these eggs look in this picture. Afraid to be laid, afraid to be sold, afraid to be placed in a carton, afraid to be sent to the store, afraid to get sold for the second time, afraid to be taken home or to a restaurant, and afraid to be cooked and eaten. 
            Look, I know that eggs can't REALLY be afraid, but use your imaginations people, lol. I was afraid just like these eggs. I was afraid to leave North Carolina - where I had grown up all of my life, where all of my family lives, where everything familiar to me was and still is.  But althought these eggs are doomed to be sold, bought, taken home, cracked open, spilled out into a pan, cooked, and then eaten, they will never reach their intended direction in life if they were never to leave the hen in the first place.
           In our lives, if we never want to leave our "hen" - our comfort zone, if you will - and follow what God wants us to do, we'll never get the perfect turn out that he wanted us to have. No, I'm not saying that I think that we are all eggs in God's "Frying Pan" and that we are all going to be doomed to becoming scrambled up goop. I'm saying that God has a plan for us that is perfect, but if we are too scared or stubborn to follow it, then we will never get the benefits intended for us afterwards. I was scared and nervous to come out here to Arkansas and to be honest, when I first got out here I hated it and wanted to leave, but I know this is what I was meant to do in my journey of life and am the happiest that I've ever been, knowing that I'm doing exactly what I was meant to do :)