Friday, May 6, 2011

Regurgitated Food Anyone?

"As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly." Proverbs 26:11

So I'm guessing that not many of you reading this would jump all over the opportunity to partake in eating their own or someone else's vomit. I'm sure you also couldn't imagine why anyone or anything would willingly eat it. So why do those adorable little (or big depending on the breed)pets we call our best friends resort to eating it? Dogs have very voracious and indiscriminate appetites. What does this mean you ask? Well voracious means craving or consuming large quantities of food and indiscriminate means lacking in care or judgement, haphazard, or thoughtless. Dogs will eat and eat and continue to eat even after they are very well more than full as long as there is food still accessible to them. This will oftentimes cause them to vomit, but because that is also edible, they will proceed to eat that also. As humans we realize that this is a repulsive and disgusting habit and that it wouldn't even be a good idea to think about, let alone act upon.
Vomit can be defined as any food or drink that is repulsive or anything that is contemptible, despicable, or worthless. A fool, or person lacking sense or judgement, will return to his folly (a costly or foolish undertaking; wickedness) just likes dog returns to his vomit. He'll continue to make wicked, unwise, costly decisions in his life until he mentally, spiritually, and/or physically "vomits" and will then turn around and "eat up" those actions all over again by doing the same thing that caused the vomitting in the first place - no matter how bad it was or how "repulsive and disgusting" the actions were. We need to quit acting like a bunch of "Foolish Dogs" making the same mistakes over and over again and need to turn away from the the wickedness in our lives that induces vomitting so we can quit returning to it and can start living instead for God.


  1. I do agree with all that has been said above enjoy reading all of you blogs

  2. Thanks :) it's encouraging to know that people are actually reading my posts :)