Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been so busy over the last few weeks that I haven't really had time to sit down at a computer and actually think of a blog post to write at all really.  We're in the process of moving from North Carolina to South Carolina or Georgia depending on where we can actually find a house worth living in at.  And I know some of our family has helped us and have been way more busy than we have, and I'm not trying to complain about that, but needless to say, blogging has not necessarily been on the top of my agenda.
In the process of trying to move all my stuff and figure out where to put it all I have one tip for all of you out there whether you are planning on moving away in the future or plan on staying where you are until you die or Jesus returns because either one is fine with you.  That is this: Don't be a pack rat or try to save everything! Throughout our lives people give us things that are special to us or we acquire more furniture than we need or have way too many dishes that we don't use.  It's just too much of a hassle to try to keep everything and just let it pile up and accumulate around the place and then you wonder where all your living space went or if you are moving you have more than you can handle with trying to go through everything and pack it all up too.
When we moved into the house in Timberlake, NC that we just moved out of, we pretty much had an entire room of our house designated to boxes full of random items that we either didn't know where to put them at or we didn't even know what they were.  Most of that stuff was thrown away because it was trash in the first place, but you should probably come up with a general rule of a "time limit clause" or something like that for majority of the items in your home.  I'm not necessarily talking about sentimental items or stuff that family gave or made you that is special and important, I'm talking about the stuff that sits around our homes that we let do just that - SIT.  We never touch it, use it, move it (unless it's rearranged from one side of the room to another), or even need it for months and months at a time or even over a year.  I'm "preaching" at myself when I say that we all should probably have a 3-6 month rule that if we don't even use it in that time period than it means we don't really need it and it is safe to donate it to a thrift store somewhere or just throw it away.
Following that principle would have saved me and my family a lot of work and lost sleep had I done that or thought of that before now so this is just a suggestion of something you might want to implement in your lives to help you not have so much unwanted, un-needed items just taking up space - never to be used again.

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